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How Will Our Solo Echo? Essay of New Jazz.

June 25, 2016 Andrey Soloviev  Analytics No Comments

Andrey Soloviev 0. Intro As late as recently our musical culture gave birth to a lot of myths. To a certain degree, it is connected with the fact that at each stage of its development one can find some hidden layer, a focus of attention, not completely reflected in documents and artifacts. One of such […]

Football Metaphysics

June 25, 2016 Vadim Rudnev  Analytics No Comments
Football Metaphysics

Author: Vadim Rudnev Football Metaphysics Dedicated to football fans Valery Anashvili and Vladimir Shuhmin Football is a game played by feet. In a nutshell, our understanding of symbolic function of the foot is reduced to the fact it being a substitute of a virile member and – even wider – in general, a sexuality substitute […]

Reading Losev. Jazz and senescent civilization.

June 25, 2016 Andrey Soloviev  Analytics No Comments

Author: Andrey Solovyov Part one: “Syndrome of tireness” À.F.Losev My interest to jazz rose from envy – having barely acquainted myself with jazz music I clearly understood that its events already belong to the past. As well as people of older age I adored the creations of Ellington and Parker, Davis and Coltrane, but there […]

Edison Denisov, the friend of our family

June 25, 2016 Natalia Bondy  Analytics No Comments

Natalia Bondy 10 years have passed since the date of death of the talented composer and a wonderful person Edison Vasiljevich Denisov. I haven’t even noticed how they have flown by. It seems that our last meeting took place a few days ago. It’s April now, the month when Edison Vasiljevich was born. On April, […]

The Crisis of Music Journalism

June 25, 2016 Andrey Gorokhov  Analytics No Comments

Andrey Gorokhov By 1990s, in addition to the completely altered face of music, the phenomenon of independent journalism practically disappeared. Today’s music magazines don’t have a slightest trace of what could be called “critical opinion” (we mean here the popular, mass-circulation magazines, which, as the German saying goes, “are sold in a kiosk”). The guitarist-solitary […]


June 25, 2016 Andrey Gorokhov  Analytics No Comments

Andrey Gorokhov I arrived in Vladimir having taken a bus from Moscow. It was midday, May, 8 2004. The sun was shining; it was hot. Everything that I saw around me was in the state of an overwhelming catastrophe that had hit the city. The life seemed to be worn out; it was devastation and […]


June 25, 2016 Andrey Gorokhov  Analytics No Comments

Andrey Gorokhov Photo: Klaus Muempfer © 2002 The French guitarist-improvisor Noel Akchote is a frighteningly competent and active person. He has recorded a lot of music in various styles, he writes about music in the Austrian magazine Skug, he is the owner of a record label, he produces many different groups and participates in various […]


June 25, 2016 Sergey Letov  Analytics No Comments

Sergei Letov Sergei Letov sneers at the western culture. Poland, 1988 In pre-perestroika times, I happened to visit the SOLO DUO TRIO festival in Krakow. I recall that the Poles, when hearing Russian language, immediately asked to sell them Soviet rubles at a very high exchange rate as compared with the official rate. Arkady Kirichenko […]

Synthesizers And Hard Drinking in Russia (Part 2)

June 25, 2016 Igor Shaposhnikov  Analytics No Comments

Igor Shaposhnikov Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex – Nikolai Kopernik). It is well-known that the sound wave, that is born by the source of the sound, has its own typical nature and carries the attack (sharp, quick or with raid, that is performed slowly, […]

Synthesizers And Hard Drinking in Russia (Part 1)

June 25, 2016 Igor Shaposhnikov  Analytics No Comments

Igor Shaposhnikov Bratya po razumu Hard drinking in Russia has deep historical background and traditions, while synthesizers, analogous, digital and virtual – appeared relatively not long time ago. Thanks to human beings, these two natures, that are seemed to be absolutely incompatible, come across each other face to face and are forced to exist both […]