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Musical channels (buttons) – 18

Broadcasting channels – 35

Featured artists – more than 1 000 000

Featured tracks – more than 8 000 000

Artists’ biographies – 1 500

Website pages – more than 9 000

Website base – more than 6 000

Jingles – more than 1000

Visitors – more than 15 000 a day

Website languages – 4

Stream-format broadcasting – 2

Musical formats -0

Minutes of a meeting of the Danish journalists with a SpecialRadio’ management.

About Special Radio

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Special Radio Release – the first half of 2005.

Special Radio is an international corporate Internet project of musicians and contemporary art activists.

Special Radio was organized on December 1, 2001 by a group of Russian independent music publishers’ representatives.

Special Radio is the only radio which works with Russian and foreign musicians regardless of their career success in other mass media. Special Radio ‘s airplay is composed by musicians who offer their tracks for rotation.

The target audience of Special Radio is people with dynamic lifestyle, active point of view preferring a brand new and progressive type of communication – an interactive mass-media.

Special radio is the largest internet radio in Eurasia. Special Radio is the largest center of music of different styles in Russia. Besides Internet, Special Radio programs are relayed in 7 European countries, 10 Asian countries, Brazil, the USA and Canada..

Special Radio was organized on December 1, 2001. Special Radio has MPTR license and is a member of ROMS. Nowadays Special Radio consists of stream broadcast of 18 audio and 5 video channels, and the internet site is available in 6 different languages – Russian, English, French, Polish, Latvian and Danish. Special Radio daily audience is more than million people. The radio broadcast time is more than 30,000 hours. It features some thematic-orientated musical programs. Special Radio is one of the largest and exclusive encyclopedias of musicians’ biographies. Everyone has free access to it.Special Radio produces a musical almanac and collectable compilations from the Recommended Records Specialradio Media Project series, which is an unique Russian music periodical, where you can find musical and informational materials about more than 200 Russian speaking musicians from hundreds of Russian and foreign (Asia, Western Europe, The United States, Australia) cities. Right now Special Radio is working under 18th compilation and there’re already 19th and 20th CDs out of Recommended Records series being planned for release until the end of 2005. On December 2004 Special Radio has launched the first rock-orientated digital tv-channel Special Rock TV, which content is based on the concert and music video materials sent by various musicians.

Special Radio is the largest service for musicians in Russia.

Musicians can

  • upload their songs for public broadcast
  • add personal information to Musicians part
  • have their songs recorded on Radio CD-collections
  • publish their art news without any charge
  • have access to sites bases and other services in the net for musicians
  • have access to the only promo news in Russia
  • upload video clips for Special Rock-TV rotation

The Special radio’s record library consists from more than 8 million of musical records and it’s just the beginning. Special Radio musical content is in dynamic process of renovation and updating, that is why Special Radio airplay choices are able to satisfy a wide range of audience’s preferences.

For making it easier and providing the maximum of comfort, Special Radio musical material is divided and being streamed at different channels (buttons) each of which feature the particular music genre. From the beginning of 2005 the number of channels increased from 15 to 18. And for year 2005 Special Radio has plans to launch two more. The broadcasting is performed in Windows Media Audio V8 format. To listen in you should have Windows Media Player version 7 or higher. You can get this here. If you have an earlier version of Windows Media Player than version 7 then you can load the required codec from here.

A brief history of Special radio

Special radio has been founded on 1 December 1 2001.

1 January 1 2002 – First went on the ether (on air)

1 March 1 2002 – New site design, changeover to Wmedia format, the advent of a double bit rate – 20 and 64kb/s.

11 March 11 2002 – License received from ROMS.

1 July 2002 – New design of radio pages, increase in number of buttons to five (1st – main airwaves, 2nd – city romance, trendy/cool, 3rd – Russian rock and pop, 4th – French music, 5th – Metal music).

5 November 2002 – License received from the Ministry of Press and Publications.

1 December 2002 – New page designs, increase in number of buttons to seven (6th – world music, 7th – techno & trance).

9 April 2003 – Increase in number of buttons to ten (9th – Classical music, 10th – Jazz).

10 July 2003 – Increase in number of buttons to 11 (11th – The Soviet ensembles).

12 October 2003 – Increase in number of buttons to 13 (12th – Author’s song, 13th – Russian electronics).