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Synthesizers And Hard Drinking in Russia (Part 2)

Igor Shaposhnikov

Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex - Nikolai Kopernik).
Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex – Nikolai Kopernik).

It is well-known that the sound wave, that is born by the source of the sound, has its own typical nature and carries the attack (sharp, quick or with raid, that is performed slowly, developing in time), the length of the sounding, fading of the signal and after-sounding. Moreover, during the period of its sounding it may undergo astonishing transformations, subject to the source of the sound, its harmonic and non-harmonic components, dynamic volume, characteristics of environment (space), where these sound waves are spreading, amount of the initial sounds, that were used simultaneously (layers), the interactions of these sounds. In other words, it is a typical complex cocktail, that is difficult to prepare, which may surprise by its sensitive – taste effect during internal use.

If the sound is synthesized artificially, they are created with the use of one or few oscillators, that are the sets of signal generators of different types. The mystery of synthesis is in summarizing of generated waves, that constitutes unique laying of the sound. Additional internal oscillations of frequencies and amplitudes, that occur within the complex sound, are generated by the oscillator of low frequencies and determine the way and type of development of the interactions of the sound waves within the sound. Attenuation may be as long, as it is needed, tending to infinity or concrete and quick, without after – sounding

Analogy between the described above process and drinking of alcoholic drinks arises automatically. So, the first sip illustrates the taste – aroma characteristics of the drink, that has been finished, to the receptors, that are located in the mouth; the throat, gullet and, finally, the stomach follow with their impressions. Moreover, each finished product adds its own unique specter of feelings. Oh, this wonderful moment of discovering and uncovering of this miraculous ambrosia multi-timbre substance, that is pouring in you, in your Ego and which is capable to fill up the consciousness and the whole body with play of emotions and colors, to refresh the perception by dusty routine of reality. This first sip is as the birth of the sound, and it is its attack and potential amplitude. The stronger the drink, the more clear the reading of the attack, the more easily can be understood the amplitude, while the internal listener, taster and controller are working. When the body has heard and understood this first sound, this body, leading by its consciousness, with warm feeling, that is comfortably arranged next to the stomach; while almost euphoric lightness is placed somewhere in the head (at the back of the head, for example), while planning the further evolution of the events and experiences, planning to continue the formed pleasant impression for as long as possible.

Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex - Nikolai Kopernik).
Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex – Nikolai Kopernik).

The impression lasts as long, as it takes the blood to absorb the alcohol, leaving the feeling of drunkenness and achieving its psychological apogee, starts to decompose and gradually disappears during oxidizing. The same is with the sound, earlier or later it has to fade, to give place to the new reality …

Each synthesizer – it is a creature of the intellect and skilled attentive hands; it has it unique character and even capriciousness, in the sense of structure and functioning of the behavior, or, in other words, in the sense of control and ability to impress by the process and results. The same is with drinks – they can impress in a different way, they have different form and tradition of use, they demand attention and self-organization – ability to keep yourself under control, adequately controlling the thoughts, words, actions, simultaneously taking into account the initial parameters (psychological state of the place, time and the human surrounding). Obtained data (amount and quality of finished drinks) is the aim (I hope the creative one, which can be realized!), that is expressed as an achieved result. Heavy hang-over is a result, the result of chronic loss of control of consumption process. The same is true with synthesizer – you can be lulled by waves of synthesizer, you can be carried away by frequency generators, you can forget yourself in another world for the long hours and days, forgetting the real (routine) world and either create or forget to create something, that deserves the attention of somebody’s consciousness (or the own consciousness, but a bit later). But the ringing in your head, caused by ear-flaps, is guaranteed. By the way, while combining the processes of drinking and playing the synthesizers, after the certain dose and time the human being loses the perception of dynamic musical diapason, the threshold of high frequencies are also becomes less clear. In other words, the level-of perception of high frequency components of harmonies becomes lower. It can affect the final result of your creative work. «Drink, but understand» – it is a folk wisdom, that one more time proves itself in the process of communication with «clever» equipment, that needs the communication clearness and attention. But, if you have resisted the process of inputting and programming, while being sober, then the possibility to get drunk right at the concert will be provided by the small, but quite technological portable controller with the set of handles for the change of sound (shear frequency, resonance frequency, length and the amplitude of the wave, etc.) Just imagine: you are sitting, turning the handles, enjoying the work of light, and girls in this light, looking at the guys cramping in the flashing light, drinking whatever club has sent you, while sequence is realizes as the song – here it is, the civilized paradise on Earth!

However, the same as inexhaustible the stocks of humanity, who had learnt not just to store the wine without huge losses for a long time, but also to distil the strong drinks, that can be stored for almost infinite period of time, using almost anything, the sources of the sound birth is also inexhaustible within the world, that surrounds us. For example, only recently, while spending the sleepless night together with the car alarm, that was getting wild under the window, I clearly realized that here it is – the synthetic source of the sound, this elementary yelling device, that is actuated by changes in the moistness of air or by hobbling couples when the owner is absent and that is not going to shut up during these long hours before the dawn. People call this device «revun». So, one of the respected owners of such mad device, thanks to the fact that the balcony faced the yard and the sleep was lost together with the calm, took the «revun» out of the own car after the sound attack, that lasted half an hour. However, not the screw, not the hummer didn’t help him to calm down the loud child of man-caused epoch, because this child had autonomous power supply and impact resistance of the highest degree. He had to sink it in the water, in the bucket, and it took him long. People, who sink their stresses in wine and vodka, are the same – it is difficult to cope with them…

Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex - Nikolai Kopernik).
Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex – Nikolai Kopernik).

Moreover, if the user is drunk, the devices and instruments begin to shake, to move down from the desks and stands, to knock their bodies against the floor, getting concussions of electric brains, loosing the handles and power supply units. Some of them are specially fitted with metal cases, decorated by dents and scars, but still capable to synthesize and generate sounds. Particularly fraught with events are: concerts, club parties and tours. If electric instruments could speak human language, we would hear many stories about drunk owners, knocked out keys and even short cuts! It should be mentioned, that the synthesizer, as independent sounding instrument, is very popular in urban entertaining sphere as formal accompanist and generator of well-known melodies, that are wanted by restaurant – pub industry. Usually, these are special self-plays, who survived few generations of evolution, achieving the size of penta-octave keyboard, huge banks of sounds and rhythms, fitted with sequencer, CD drives and ports for different memories, mounted on special stands and even fitted with reading stands.

As a result, you get a whole orchestra in one body, fitted with powerful stereo speakers. The sound, that is generated by these Yamahas and Casios, is suitable for all types of Russian chansons and modern stages; it fills the infinite atmospheres of capital and provincial buildings, that has specific waste of people-brothers and full of orders made by beloved for girlfriends of friends of girlfriends… However that may be, the synthesis occurs – people enjoys themselves, meet each other, dance, sing…. What else is the orchestra needed for? The orchestra, which very easily can play the last song even at dawn hours, if that good guy, who presses the magic keys, still stays on his feet! And he doesn’t only stays on his feet, he is also the singing component in this symbiosis – karaoke. By the way, he is the one, who takes the money…. Upgrade!

I don’t want to remember the cases of such synthesis, when the beloved dram – machine or the keyboard with handles-controllers have been transformed in alcohol and irretrievably disappeared in wine-vodka whirls, because the owner had such affection and dependence, or the cases of discernment, when instruments, that have some value in the «sotzium», were used as payment to get rid of this dependence. Similar destructive impression was left by performance of the famous DJ Grove on one of the stages of Olimpiyskiy – he broke his beautiful blue synthesizer Yamaha SX1 during his public performance. The instrument didn’t surrender even after few bangs on the stage, it was monstrously trampled down by huge feet and transformed in the pile of wires and pieces of boards with bits of microcircuits. But it didn’t impressed the public a lot. Next day Grove bought the new shiny and exactly the same synthesizer. Such relations of owner and worker.

Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex - Nikolai Kopernik).
Synthesizer from working studio of the genius of domestic electronic musical synthesis of Jury Orlov (ex – Nikolai Kopernik).

It should be mentioned, that shift of the synthesizers to the virtual sphere – VST models and designs, didn’t leave us without the reality of wine-making and cup-bearing, thanks God! Moreover, the progress even made some free the space on the desk, where the glass and bottle may be landed. Moreover, reasonably playing blood liquidates the standstill, caused by sitting on one, sorry, place, and as wineskins are getting empty, makes the weaken muscles to work at least in the direction of the nearest shop.

At the end, I’ll remind you the the drinking in Russia has longest history and traditions. The first domestic synthesizers (ANS, 1964 year.) and industrial domestic instruments of button-key type (Unost, Electronika of 1980 year) appeared only recently. That’s why, let’s drink for this unimaginable creative synthesis of new ideas and rooted national traditions! May appear the new Masters of the newest technologies, who won’t forget where ALL THIS came from surprise the world with their works and ideas! And the drink can’t be spent on drink!

P.S. As to the creative activity itself, exactly this type of activity of human beings makes us closer to God and justifies the existence in this perishable world, gives an opportunity to realize the own unique abilities on this hardest way to the harmony with the World, and here the wine should help, while the mind should advise. Amen.

January 2004






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