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Syphrus Recordings looks for artists who will have a long-term career

Syphrus Recordings looks for artists with a musical vision and a committment to the scene in their community. The label is artists working with artists; they don’t provide something for nothing. It requires dedication – there are no overnight success stories, and they aren’t looking for a "quick hit". This is one label that still believes in allowing an artist to develop over time. They want artists who will have a long-term career. Most of all, they want to develop a personal friendship with other artists with whom we connect- this is not strictly business. If you happen to share these beliefs, they’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

To submit material:
Download the form.
Print the form and fill it out.

Send the form in with some form of demo or recording. Feel free to include any additional promo/press materials.

Syphrus Recordings
PO Box 1676
Hedgesville, WV 25427
A&R Department,

For more information please visit


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