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MTV wants music

MTV is constantly craving new music for their shows and they don’t always have giant budgets to license what they want. So they are offering something that is priceless in the end, and that is promotion for the artists! They have begun doing this in shows like Laguna Beach and PowerGirls already, it is a great way to get indie artists’ music heard, not to mention a credit in the show and the MTV website.

If this is something you would be interested in, please send a CD to the address in the agreement form (download at Attached is a standard agreement, please sign and send with any music you would like to submit, please write the performing rights society (I.E. BMI or ASCAP) next to the artist and or writer in the schedule A of the release.

Also please make sure you hold the rights to the masters as well as 100% of the publishing for the songs you are licensing to the MTV.


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