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Bailey Records accepts demos for a compilation CD

Bryan K. Borgman, the Owner / Executive Producer of Bailey Records, an independent recording label hailing from Columbus, Ohio, accepts demos for a compilation CD.

Over the past few years the company have compiled and released several fantastic albums featuring various artists both on their label roster and groups they’ve felt inspired by or believed in. It is now time for them to announce yet another compilation CD similar to 2003’s Music For Martha benefit CD.

Bailey Records is currently looking for fifteen to twenty (15 – 20) dedicated Christian recording artists/bands to be part of our next Benefit Music Compilation CD.

The primary goal of this benefit CD is to raise awareness and funds for Arms of Love International. A portion of the proceeds of each CD sold will go toward the ministry of Arms of Love for more info:

The secondary goal of this Benefit Music Compilation CD is to give each recording artist/band involved an opportunity to reach their own established fan-base with a fresh, new recording in addition to reaching untold thousands through radio airplay, print & online advertisements, reviews, and distribution.

Currently, the company is scheduled for an early September 2004 release date and they would love to feature a solid blend of all-new music by up-and-coming bands and recording artists as well as new songs by established artists.

They’re offering two different packages to meet the needs of as many talented individuals and groups as possible… details online!

If you re interested in being part of this new Benefit Music Compilation CD please visit their website and download the following forms to be completed and sent along with your demo, lyric sheets, and photograph:

Music Compilation CD Contractual Agreement:

Music Compilation CD Artist Questionnaire:

Note: if you have recently sent a demo and/or press package (within the past 6 months) to the company and would like that material to be considered, please e-mail: and let them know.


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