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Your Letters to Special Radio

Don’t know if you are actually located in Russia, if you are , thank god for
Ronald Regan.
I just found you an hour ago and from the way it sounds I will be tuned in
for many more.
You are on the top of my list. It’s very complicated to find a station
similar to yours in
the USA anymore.


Jeff Krause, Long Beach, CA USA

Just a little think from France

Yesterday, i was very surprise by listening Special Radio over Internet and i was very happy to hear soo good music, The
Dance an Progrsiv music program was on top.

It s very pleasant to hear so good music.

Happy to know you through the web.

Best regards

Valery, France

You’re wonderfull!!!

Thanks to be there with such a good sound…

I’m listening to you on the net from France.

And i’m proud to show to my daughter that she has not been learning russian for 8 years in vain…

Keep on rocking…

Michel, France

Thanks for offering your site in English. I am writing from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States and I love your station! I have never heard such a variety of music in my life. All of the selections are absolutely fresh and new to me. I must commend you on your approach and really enjoy what you are doing.

Keep up the excellent work.

You have a loyal listener. Regards, Tim Ingram

Tim Ingram, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Hello, friend,

I just found this site some weeks ago and enjoyed it very
much. It’s really cool!!

Do you have in your plans to make the 9th button including jazz ?

It would be really cool.

Best wishes.



I am a listener in Calgary Canada. I think that what you are doing and what you represent is great. With the state of anger in the world today you’re attitude that says ‘music has no borders’ is very important and I thank you for it.

Matthew Chantry,Calgary, Canada.

I just want to say hello to you and wish you all the best in future. Since I found you, you are on the air the whole day at my work when I’m on the Net! I listen your program no. 7: trance& techno and it’s just excellent!!!

Kindest regards from Zagreb, Croatia!

Tomislav – Bord, Zagreb, Croatia.

I would like to thank you for your music service. I enjoy very much listening to “Button 2”.
I live in the Catskill Mountains of New York State [USA], and I understand very little of the Russian language, but the music is wonderful, and makes for good listening while I am working in my workshop.

Michael H Bernard, New York, USA.

Wonderful radio station

Your radio station is completely wonderful. I am a student of Russian
language, still a beginner. I apologize for not writing in Russian but I
don’t know how on my computer.

This is one of the best radio stations I have ever heard in my entire life,
and I am 47 years old. I live in Olympia, Washington State, USA, and I will
be listening to you a lot in the future. Thank you!

Do svidaniya

Maya North, Washington, USA.

I just had the fortune of listening your radio and the music that you have is
magnificent. I am an ecuadorian guy living in New Jersey and keep enjoying
surfing the internet. I am interested in learning your language. I hope I
will hear from you. Atentamente, Jesus.

New Jersey, USA.

I’m italian and now your Radio is on my “preferred radio”
compliments for the quality of your music.

Rey, Italy.

Hello are you…. fine? Your music is very beautiful..Best regards.

My name is Elmer Mu?oz , I’m from Lima Peru. In the last days I visited yuor internet site and I’m interesting in the Russian music, How can I buy?

Elmer Mu?oz, Lima, Peru.

This is my first time listening to your radio station – the jazz is “jamming”! Thank you for playing such good music.
I’m listening in St. Petersburg, FL; USA (St. Petersburg, Russia’s “sister city”) If there’s anything I can do to assist your radio station to become even more successful, please inform me. “SpecialRadio” is now my radio of choice! 😉

Congratulations on the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Russia!

Julia Henry, St. Petersburg, FL; USA.

To it might concern,
Your radio station is the best. I have been looking for one radio
station on the web for a while but some of them are very cheese and
finally I found one with good electronic music. You guys kick ass!!!
Keep up the good work. Very good songs and music.


Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Holt, Michigan; USA.

I live in America USA. I was looking through the internet and came across this website and radio station. i absolutely enjoyed the intercultural exchange. Thank you

David Gutierrez; USA.




This a email from the netherlands.

I want to let you know that your music is very good.
Thanks for that…

Francois; Netherlands

Hola camaradas, como les va

su pagina es vista por mi desde hace mucho tiempo, mucho que leer y saber.
a la salud de uds.

Nguyen Hernandez; Venezuela


Am sitting here in my office in San Francisco and am listening to your station.

I love the music that you play and the mixing is very very good.

Keep up the good work!….

Thomas Speak; San Francisco

Hello from a far,

My name is Guy, and I happened to be a frequent listener to your radio station over the Net.

I enjoy mostly your World beat” music and I took the time to let you know how much I appreciate your music, and the joy it brings me.

Your DJ`s / Musical Editors are simply THE BEST!!! The variety is wonderful, and off course the sound coming through my speakers is fabulous.

Keep Up the Good Work

Guy I. Ofek; Herzliya, Israel

I’m very glad to have found your Jazz Station, 10th button. It just goes to show that Music is the International Language. Thank You for putting it on the Net. It is very clear, bass is just right . Highs, right on it. Great mix. Please send me the names of some of the groups in as, I have not heard them on American Radio:-( Is there a place on your site where it tells who you are playing at the time? I am an aspiring bass player, and you are playing some serious guitar players. Some of the licks are unbelievable:-) In short, I’m digging it!

Tim Williams; Hudson, NC USA

G’day people of Special Radio. My name is David, I’m from Australia and I’ve just come across your site/radio. I was after trance, and you deliver. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be listening to 7th button every time I’m on the net. Theres nothing better than surfing the web with sweet tunes going. Keep up the good work.

David Bottrell; Australia

G’day people of Special Radio. My name is David, I’m from Australia and I’ve just come across your site/radio. I was after trance, and you deliver. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be listening to 7th button every time I’m on the net. Theres nothing better than surfing the web with sweet tunes going. Keep up the good work.

David Bottrell; Australia

I wanted you to know how wonderful I found your internet radio.
I listen almost daily in Bangor, Maine, USA.
I love the genre of music that you play. It contain much soul and is
Rock on.

Laurie; Bangor, Maine, USA

I’m so glad to listen your music. It is so nice that you have opened it.


Hello, actually I cannot understand anything in your website, I hope you
receive this e-mail buecause I just wanna tell you your music is very good.
Today I developed that I can hear radio, music, throught internet…
As you can see you can be listened all around the world.
¡Que la vida es sólo una y la disfutes al máximo!
Un amigo con quien siempre cuentas.

Alfredo Navarro;

I want to tell you how very much I am enjoying your online radio. I believe
Button Six is my favorite, but I am exploring the others as well. I like
Button eleven as it reminds me of my visit to Nizhni Novgorod several years ago.
Best to you today. I appreciate your work

Robert Hodge;Indiana, USA

I am a fan of New Age, but in my country( Viet Nam), New Age is weird to
all of people here, that’s why I can not buy any New Age albums here, the
only way to satisfy my enthusiasm is to listen radio on the internet. And
now I have found it, Special Radio is the best radio on the internet, new
age songs in 6th button is very wonderful and updated everyday. I already
tell all of my friend who love New Age to listen to Special Radio. I hope
that Special Radio will develop more and forever.
Now I under stand why “Special Radio is for special people”

PIL Ho Chi Minh;Saigon, Viet Nam

Congratulations to all people from Special Radio:
10 !

Ivan Ivanovs;Salvador – Bahia, Brasil

Awesome station, I’m glad that I found it. Thanks for contributing to the powerful art that is rock music. You guy’s rock. Sean from the united states.


I have it on all the time,while I am working on my computer. 6th button is my alltime favourite.
Thank you for this beautiful music. Spahseebah, Do Svidaniya
Very kind regards

Chris; Somewhere in Europe

I am very pleased to say that I have listen for much of the day to your station and it is the best I’ve listen to in a long, long time. And I will keep tuned in each time when I am on the internet. Thank you for a delightful day of music. I am writing from IOWA a state in the middle of America. Thank you again.

Robert Murray; Iowa, USA

Hallo from Germany,
you play very nice Music, its the real best Radiostation on World.
Have very good times.

Thomas Freese; Germany

wonderful jazz. thank you for the great music.

Mike; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hi, Special Radio
I have been listening to your program for the last 9 months. Excellent radio!
I commend you on Your music selection and excellent programming.
Keep the vibes going crew!

Badarchiin Ganbaatar; Mongolia

Hello to All at Specialradio,
Just a few words of thanks for playing great music. I am working my Sunday
away at my desk at the office and have been exploring the net for jazz. I am
really pleased to have found you, work is much better when there is good
music to calm the mind.
I will return often.
Thanks again.

Gary Webster; UK


Amaury van Hoorebeke de Monaco

Hello, I recently tuned into you station, I just want to say I enjoy your selection of music , keep up the good work
and finally how about some email interaction ! Kindest Regards to you all

john kemp; London UK

J’aimerais pouvoir lire en francais tout ce que votre site divulgue sur la musique classique ( aujourd’hui, par exemple, vous parlez de Prokofiev). J’admire beaucoup les musiciens russes (Eliso Virsaladze, par exemple). Malheureusement je ne comprends pas la langue russe!

Simone; Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

I am listening to your fusion-jazz-station. The best station I ever listened to!
Unfortenatelly I can not understand russian, so your site is a little difficult.
Thanks for sending.

Krister Hanner; SE

Listening to you over the web, a mass. Thanks for being one of the best I
heard yet. Please keep it up. I have still to improve my computer then the
quality will be 100%.

Janhuib BLANS; Netherlands

Listening currently live from England and must say like your station.. Regards..

Tim; England

I have recently come across your Station and very pleased, I see by the letters you are sent that you are attracting the world My wife and I listen mostly to 6th Button but now enjoying the other Buttons. We are listening on the Internet via the fast transfer called Broadband and receiving you loud and clear with seamless transmission. Good Work!

Peter & Bernice; England UK



I am listening to your broadcast over the internet. Thank you for your thoughtful selection of music. The reception quality I receive over the internet is quite good, and I listen to your broadcast here in my home while I do other work.
Best wishes to you in the year ahead!

mkorenich; Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Special Radio
I am from England and I would like to say how
good your seven button is.
I am aware of how good techno is in the former Eastern European countries, like Russia, the Czech Republic and former East Germany.
You are leading the way as over here in the west our dance music is going bad. Cheers

Chris Williams; Liverpool England

I dearly hope someone among you knows English, because I wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoy listening to the “Sixth Button” on Windows Media Player of Russian radio stations.
Unfortunately, I don’t understand a word of Russian, but the music is wonderful … and even though I don’t understand your language, it is a beautiful language and I enjoy hearing it spoken (and sung) very much, as well.

Bob; Tampa, Florida – USA

Hello, guys!
First of all excuse-me my poor English language, but I would like to say we’ve just got in WEB your radio right now in Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil.(Saturday evening, 18:31 h local)
We liked it very much! Your programation is very good!
Happy New Year!

Ubirajara Inacio; Brazil

Just spent a good 3 hours tuned in – great station – good vibe. will add to favorites

AS Jones; Nottingham, England, UK

It’s one of the best jazz radio that I’ve heard… Unfortunately I can’t read what’s on your site… You do a great job boys Bye!

Jean-Francois Tremblay; Canada

ola tudo bem, sou do BRAZIL,,,,adorei muito a programacao da radio de voce….
uma abraco


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the greatest internet
radio station out there


I am listening from Michigan, USA.
Delightful, I am getting a lot of work done.

John; Michigan, USA

Dear Special Radio staff,
Just dropping by to let you know that you are possibly the best classical
music internet-radio station currently on air. Your programming is excellent
and your bandwidth and sound quality are also top notch.

Richard Schunemann; London Uk

Upon returning from St. Petersburg two weeks ago, I was in hopes of finding
on the Internet the Hermitage radio station my friend listened to all of the
time I was there. The Petersburg based station plays nothing but mostly old
American tunes by Cole, Clooney, etc., and newer artists like Nora Jones and
Peter Cincotti can even be heard, including instrumentals of that genre!
This station is on 24/7 with no advertisements and literally made the
Christmas and New Year holidays! I have not found this station on the
Internet; however, my search for this station has found YOU! My “fingers
are crossed” that you can locate the Hermitage radio station and listen to
their selections to provide your Button 14! In the meantime, Special Radio
is the first thing I bring up on my computer every morning, and I thank you
for your powerful vision! It makes me feel connected!

Phyllis Guthrie; Carlisle, KY USA

My name is Bruce and I have lived in los Angeles for 47 years as I do now so I have heard and seen many of the great jazz people as well as listened to many radio stations.
Let me tell you that I have NEVER heard a better line-up or programming than what you people do! This “Button 10” is the best.
Much thanks and keep up the good work, Spasiba!

Bruce Constable

Thank you for all the good music.
go on whit the good work, and I will still listning here in the Netherlands or HOLLAND !!!!

Ron Quivooij; Netherlands

a big thanks from switzerland
very very great Radiostation ( Button 5 )
keep on rocking !!!
Metal vor ever !!!!

rene.barrer; Switzerland

Vase radio je perfektni, presne podle meho gusta!!!
Sorry, English language is very hard :-))

Martin Cvetan; CZ

how are you radio special ???I great fine !
I like your button 7 is very energy… brazil “braziliam guy fanatics of radio 7 special hahahahahah!!!
I dont sleep….you is very power sound!!
I very very like!!ahahahahhahaahahahhah
I have distrophies musculair! your sound is my cure!ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahhaahahah
much more energy more exercises for my body!
never off sound!
thankss sincerily!
felipe “braziliam” from rio de janeiro…..
you have one big-fan!

Redacao – Gugudada; Brazil

Excelent Rusian Electronic music.
Keep up the good work.
Regards from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Carlos Inda; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I am a listener in Denmark, and I listen very often to your Channel, especially your Classical Music.
I like your choices of music.
Yours, Jan Asmussen

Jan Asmussen; Denmark

I’m listening to your program in London, over the Internet, and it is
wonderful. I don’t understand the language, but the music is great.

alan bower; UK

Dear Special radio,
I am greatly enjoying listening to your radio especially
buttons 5 and 9,being somewhat of an extremist!Right now listening to 5.Keep
up the good work. Best wishes.

cynthia roche; UK

I am writing from Brazil.
I can’t speak russian (yet), so I’ll write in english.
I can’t access and listen to “Special Radio 2nd Button”.
By using Windows Media Player, it shows the message: “your
connection was refused actively”.
What is goin on ?

Paulo; Brazil

Hey GuyZ !!
Keep playing the great sounds…u sound great in Birmingham England………..listening on the web !!

Villan; UK

I just wanted to say that your Button #5 is the best most consistant station I have ever found. I am in North America and all we have here is interrupted music with more talking and commercials than music. 3/4ths of the music and bands I hear at your station, I have never heard of and greatly enjoy. There are many bands who could really make ity big if they were played here. Personally, I am overwhelmed by Nughtwish…never heard of them until I found your station. This is sad. Keep it up and I am doing everything I can to spread the word about your radio. Have a good day.

randy turner; North America

My name is Davi Trombela, I am from Brazil, and I am wondered with your
great radio, specially botton 3, that’s such a autentic and great radio…
that’s a small long time that i am looking for russian music, … find
something about UNDERGROUND russian music was something almost out of my
spectatives.. discover your radio was something great, and more: Russia has
an underground as rich as the brazilian one (u should check out brazilian
underground, and look for names like Mutantes, Jupiter Apple, Wry and
Autoramas, i am sure u’ll love that as i did about russian songs), and
probably have the same problems about media exclusion.
anyway, i would like to sugest u to add the “On air” bands and songs names
in English.. or, i mean, in latin alphabet too.. b’cause I really wanna know
more about the bands and all the scene here, and it has been something hard
to do …
that’s all, What i gonna do now is tell everyone in Brazil about this radio,
including critics and records here…
Thanks for all , and for the atention.

Davi Trombela; Spain

I listen to your programme from Hungary. I love your radio because the
musics are very good! I mainly listen to Button7, but sometimes I hear the
others too.
I sent your link to all of my friends, to lsiten to your radio.
Best Regards.


Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your internet radio
station. I have been listening to Button 6, and now have begun listening to
Button 7 as well. Keep up the great music!

Tim Singleton; USA

Dear Special Radio,
You are very special for Us, We are listening your programm almost every day at our office, the music you are broadcasting is very interesting due to explores new kinds of sound and rhythms that we had never listen before.
From Venezuela in South America you receives our most hottest greeting.

Jose Rodriguez; South America

You have a wonderful station and you broadcast fantastic music. I listen to
the Jazz and Blues button, and I must say that your selection of music is
simply wonderful, the best, in my opinion, compared to many other Internet
music stations that I know. The sound quality is also very good.
Keep up the good work and bless you.

Zohar Silvan; Israel

Hallo Freunde
Die Seite ist etwas vom Besten, was das Netz zu bieten hat. Das erste, was ich mache, wenn ich den Computer einschalte ist, diese Seite zu wahlen und Eure Musik im Hintergrund zu haben- bei allem, was ich dann mache. Ganz feine Sache-Kompliment!
Liebe Grusse aus Zurich

Beowulf; CH

My name’s M. R. Frank. I’m from Switzerland an I’m very excited to listen
your radio. In my opinion you’ve one of the first radio station on the
world. Thanks for your works. With friendly greetings from Switzerland

M. R. Frank; Switzerland

Hello, I started listening to the station a few weeks ago.
This is by far the best Jazz station I have ever listened
to. I am very happy I found it. I have been playing drums for 36 years and I truely appreciate the quality of music
you play. Thank you very much!

Peter Pravettoni; Texas USA

Discovered you on Windows Media Player.
Just great music. Keep up the good work. From Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Home of CKUA Radio

JP Gagnon; Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I and my coworkers listen to your radio stations all day long at work — particularly channels 10 and 5. The music you play is incredible! Very diverse and varied, but all solid selections. It’s a joy to hear.
Is there any way I could obtain a full playlist of the pieces you play on those channels, particularly channel 10? It would be very appreciated. Thank you.

Shawn D. Rodriguez

I live in Washington State (USA). I often listen to your station when
relaxing. Excellent programming, wonderful Jazz.

Jim; USA

I live in Washington State (USA). I often listen to your station when
relaxing. Excellent programming, wonderful Jazz.

Jim; USA

Hello from Germany, un the near of Stuttgart, ist the best radio of the web for metal.
Hope the radio station stays for many years.
Wish you always the best.

D.Watzka; Germany

At this moment, I am listening to the 5th Button station, which is your metal station. I have to say that this is the best online metal station I have heard. I’ve been searching all over the internet, and pretty much the only thing that I could find somewhat good, was Yahoo! Radio. I then noticed that Windows Media Player had a radio tuner. I was searching for metal, and your station came up. I clicked play, and all this metal started playing. This is the shit I listen to. It’s sucks that you can’t get this is the states. I think I might move to Russia, so I could get some high quality metal.

Carlos Teller; USA

Merci pour votre site en francais et pour la qualite des emissions
musicales. Bien a vous F. BECKER

Francois BECKER; France

Your station is the best!!! and i’m loving it, thanks.

Christopher Short; UK