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"Progressive Session Mix" by Guillaume for 3

Beginning July 29, and every Friday after that listen to a special broadcast by Guillaume (Radio GALAXIE 95.30FM in France on Special Radio button 7.
"Progressive Session Mix" is a concept imagined by Guillaume.
It is the best selection of quality tracks of the moment that are released or will be released in a few months.
The program is made specially for Special Radio and broadcasts every Friday.
The program begins at 21:00 MSK (17:00 GMT), and is repeated on Saturday at 00:00 GMT.

Tracklisting "Progressive Session Mix" by Guillaume for (Week 33):

1. C-Jay – Second Session [The Sessions]
2. Sars – Overbooking (D-Formation Remix) [Intenso]
3. Muzo – What We Do [Segment]
4. Jeff Bennett – Strange Item (Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks Remix) [Hearing Aid]
5. Siberian Son – Dogma (DJ Tarkan Remix) [Toes In The Sand]
6. Adolf Marsan – Predator [Kamasutra]
7. Deep Mariano – Random Influences (Baunder Mix) [Sentient Audio Collective]
8. Simuck – Breathe In [Fiberline Audio]
9. V-Sag – Plausibility (1 AM 4×4 Mix) [L2 Music]
10. Clubbervision – Autopleasure [Noctambula]


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