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DJ Cornflakes – Deluxe Accommodations Show

Special Radio ( begins the every week broadcasting of “Deluxe Accommodations Show” – the program of the trance & progressive house/trance DJ Cornflakes. 2 hours-show starts today, 17 August at 17:00 MSK, and is repeated at 22:00 MSK on Special Radio button 7.

As an innovative and cutting edge disc jockey, Jacob Flores, whose magnitute reaches the exotic premiere city of Tokyo, has captured music not for the masses but for progressive thinkers and ideal realists who embody that which was and is alternative, industrial, trance, electronica and bossa nova.

His shows are under the pseudonym Cornflakes and in the 90’s his radio show at KTUH 91.3 in Honolulu, Hawaii has been regarded as the show that made dance for democracy not just a pastime for music lovers but a way of life.. a subculture. The music ranged from techno, trance and J-Pop.

During his years of tenure in the radio business, Cornflakes traveled to the American southwest and started Deluxe Accommodations with KSYM 90.1 FM San Antonio, and for over
5 years gained much popularity and feedback from listeners who have been loyal to his shows.

Listen to the Deluxe Accommodations Show by DJ Cornflakes today and every week on Special Radio button 7 (! Further Listening online:


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