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Tanita Tikaram.

Tanita Tikaram

SR: If it’s not a secret, what was happening in your life before “Sentimental” album release?
Tanita Tikaram: No secrets! I was living in Italy and learning a bit of Italian and a bit of piano.

SR: Speaking in art terms was it heavy carrying on the weight of popularity of “Twist in my society” song?
Tanita Tikaram: No. It’s just strange to have written such an odd song. I have a deep affection for the song and always enjoy singing it but it’s really ‘out there’.

SR: You come back on the music scene with “Sentimental” CD seems like a temporary one. Feels like you’ve recorded that album because of your own inspirational needs, for your personal pleasure without any major future plans.
Tanita Tikaram: Well, yes. I made the album because I felt really happy with the songs and the musicians I was working with. Beyond that I don’t think you can really make any plans.

SR: With years do you find it easier to write new music material?
Tanita Tikaram: No, absolutely not! However, I’m more tranquil in those dry spells when I’m not writing.

SR: Does the music heal the soul wounds?
Tanita Tikaram: I think music can do everything we need emotionally, actually (I mean that in a very quiet way … not in a loud way).

SR: Have you ever had any offers to compose music for a movie? Such collaborations are widespread nowadays. What do you think?
Tanita Tikaram: I think writing music for film would be very interesting, but I think it is a particular talent to write music in this way and I really don’t think it’s a talent I have.

Tanita Tikaram
SR: In one of your interviews you have once said about the control over the light and the dark in your voice. How much do your control your voice and life nowadays?
Tanita Tikaram: What a strange question. I don’t think it’s possible to control anything really.

SR: Could you admit or deny the statement that a musician who’s satisfied and pleased is not capable of writing a sincere song.
Tanita Tikaram: I ‘m not sure I understand why someone who is pleased or satisfied would be less able to write a sincere song than someone who is dissatisfied and unhappy. Anyway, a lot of great songs were not written with this notion of the tortured artist they were written because some one thought of a groovy melody and a catchy lyric.

SR: Your latest effort “Sentimental’ gives us the feeling of a pleasant tiredness and peace. What’s the mood of this album by your own opinion?
Tanita Tikaram: I don’t know exactly, but someone said to me it was an album they could fall in love to , and I was very happy with that!

SR: Which atmosphere you’d like to recommend for “Sentimental” listening?
Tanita Tikaram: I think sometimes the record creates this very special feeling, a warm sort of solitude. I hope that makes sense.

Tanita Tikaram
SR: Could you remember the brightest memory or emotion which is connected to “Sentimental” recording?
Tanita Tikaram: Well, being able to work in this way, basically live and each working day having the excitement of a performance and the camaraderie of all the musicians (and NO click track!!!) was all very special.

SR: How do you relate to the fact that some artists are selling their music using the internet only?
Tanita Tikaram: It’s interesting. I’m amazed at how people find their audience solely through the Internet, I’m thinking more of daily blogs than music. There are some blogs that have thousands and thousands of readers. How does it happen?

SR: What would you like to wish to those who is eager to become musicians?
Tanita Tikaram: I think learning an instrument is one of the most wonderful things we can do, for pleasure not only as a career. I would encourage everyone to learn an instrument!

April 2006

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