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Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost)

Paradise Lost

SR: What are the emotions after releasing the 10-th anniversary edition of your studio album?
GM: As a band we are much stronger than ever before.we are also enjoying it more than ever. I think the 10th album is a strong album and it works well live so we are quite content.

SR: On «Paradise lost” CD there’s a great song “Over the madness”. Could you tell us more about this tune? How do you come up with such a universal grief in your music?
GM: I would say that songs like “Over the madness” are very much my domain. I am very much into the doom side of things. ”Over the madness” was written before we got in the studio but the solo at the end was an idea I had, which I just improvised and it worked well. The grief in the music probably stems from the fact I have been a bipolar depressive most of my life and I continue to be medicated for it. I think that because of this I am drawn to the darker side of life.

SR: Why the geography of your tour schedule is obviously dislocated into Eastern Europe direction?
GM: If you mean why we don’t take in more of Eastern Europe as part of a tour rather than flying gigs, it’s usually down to a cross between routing and promoter difficulties. On our last tour of Europe however, we played many more eastern European countries than ever before.

SR: How many albums do you owe to released via GUN Records?
GM: No more.

Paradise Lost
SR: Do you believe that there’re a lot of major changes possible in your biography just like once it happened because of “host”?
GM: The host period was an experiment that we felt we had to do. At the moment I feel no urge to go off at a tangent, but I never say never.

SR: What’s your attitude nowadays? What’s the mood of your future release?
GM: I would say that through personal problems outside the band, and illness, I have probably had the worst 2 years of my get ready for some real misery.

SR: What’s the most annoying and disturbing thing about being in show-business?
GM: The most annoying thing that has happened over the last few years is that music seems to have become style over substance, and that image far outways good songs.

SR: When is that moment, when you realize that touring is not fun at all and you feel miserably tired?
GM: We still have lots of fun on tour. But everyone has good days and bad days. When you’re on tour, the good days are very good and the bad days are very bad.

SR: Do you have any plans for visiting Russia? What are your emotions and thoughts on our country?
GM: We will always come back and visit Russia. I was very sad that I was not able to be at the shows just before Christmas due to being in hospital. But the memories I have of the last time I played in Russia make me very eager to come back.

Paradise Lost
SR: Any concert DVD maybe?
GM: We have talked about it. I think we may do one within the next year or two but we have not made concrete plans yet.

SR: In your own opinion what is the main thing in every musicians’ career?
GM: To do what you feel and not whats expected.

SR: What would you like to wish to those who’s eager to become musicians?
GM: Good luck and do it from the heart.

May 2006

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