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Andrew Craighan (My Dying Bride)

My Dying Bride

SR: You’re in process of making the new album. Could you please tell us more about this?
AC: Well it’s 9 songs so far, We have varying degrees of doom on there, from utter misery to crushing despair, lots of elements that we have really pushed to the boundaries of our type of brutal doom. The l.p. should last around 65 minutes but we are still working on it as we speak.

SR: What are Aaron’s texts dedicated to now?
AC: Again, pretty difficult to say exactly but lost love seems high on the agenda, as I have not memorized all the lyrics just yet as we have been busy just making it sound good. I know that there is pain in there and lots of it.

SR: Do you have any complainings or discomfort about the quality of your latest release “Songs of Darkness,Words of light”? If you do, so what would you like to change about your next release?
AC: No, not really. I feel that it was as good as it could have been. We didn’t miss anything out when we recorded it and I think it is a success for us. As far as changing things the only real difference is that we are going to mix the new l.p. at Chapel Studios rather than at Academy, Chapel being the studio where we mixed 34.788% Complete.

SR: Has label Peaceville discussed with you the release of Anti-Diluvian Chronicles boxset? Were you in need of this having compilations already released?
AC: Yes, they told that they were going to release it and we can either help guide it in a manner we see fit or let them do it and live with the consequences.

My Dying Bride
SR: . Are you satsfied with “Sinamorata” DVD? What makes music DVDs really rock?
AC: I personally don’t really like them that much and only own music dvds that have been given to me. I prefer music to either be on cd or to be at the gig. I like Sinamorata, but I wouldn’t buy it myself.

SR: Any plans to have an experiment with any other music instruments besides the violin?
AC: No, and we don’t intend to have the violin on this cd.

SR: Do you have any favorite band or someone who’s got perspective in your own opinion?
AC: I like Sophia full stop, the new Celtic Frost l.p. is also a favourite of mine right now. If you listen to them it will be pretty obvious why I like them.

SR: What’s the British relation to My Dying Bride?
AC: Far better than it used to be, we now can play to 2-3000 people here in the UK where as just a few years ago we would play to 500 at the most. Things have changed for the better for us in a very short space of time.

SR: What is the studio work like for you? Do you have any arguments and disagreements between band members or producers?
AC: We tend to be very diplomatic and all have a mutual understanding that ego is not part of this band and the greater good of the music must come before your personal aspirations or wims. We have a brilliant relationship and very rarely disagree so we are quite lucky in that respect.

My Dying Bride
SR: What is able to save rock music industry from being crashed and unpopular?
AC: Bands playing honest good music. No one but the bands can do this. I prefer it being unpopular, who wants to be part of the masses, metal is about non conformity.

SR: What would you like to wish to those who’s eager to become musicians?
AC: Firstly, good luck. Secondly, never give up as you never know what might happen.

June 2006

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