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LIV KRISTINE (Leaves Eyes/Liv Kristine/ex-Theatre Of Tragedy)

Liv Kristine

Which album of yours would you like to recommend to take the best listen of what your solo music is all about?
LK: “Enter My Religion”. This is an invitation to my personal world and everylyric deals with my life. It’s like an open book and the album is very important to me.

Do you follow the news and the successful releases from your ex-bandmates Theatre of tragedy?
LK: Yes of course I’ve listened to their latest release. It’s ok, but the true spirit of Theatre of Tragedy is missing. Their new singer is a very nice person though. We met a couple of times and she deserves to be treated better than I was in that band.

it much easier to work on solo project rather than with the Leaves Eyes band?
LK: There is no difference. I’m so happy that I have both to work on. There is a metal side of me, and an alternative pop/rock side of me. I still love Ozzy/Black Sabbath and Madonna..

What’s up with the increased production of Leaves Eyes? Are you not afraid to satiate fans with your music?
LK: At the moment we are playing so many live shows and doing tours. It will take a while until the third album is finished.

Liv Kristine

You’re highly active in releasing singles and mini albums. How much that kind of tactics is rated commercially nowadays?
LK: Do you buy CdsDvds and how often? – In metal the tactics are not as “strict” as in the pop business. Yes, I buy a lot of CDs and DVDs. My latest album was Madonna “Confessions on a Dance Floor” and her latest DVD. Last week I even went to my first Madonna concert. She is amazing.

Could you tell us about the story behind the recording of the new album “Legend Land”? Where did you get that idea to release it as a limited edition?
LK: We had actually planned to release a second single for the “Vinland Saga” album, however, after returning from our USA/Canada tour last year we felt very inspired to compose new material. Thus we spent most of Christmas in studio. We recorded five brand new tracks and decided to release it as an EP for the price of a single, saying “thankyou” to our fans. “Legend Land” is a continuation of the “Vinland Saga” album. The next album will probably treat another theme, however, I’m quite sure it will be a historic one. The limited edition was the band’s idea. We signed 5.000 copies! We’re waiting for the “final” papers from the Guinness Book management.

What do you think of life on the road and summer festivals’ performances?
LK: We played every week-end this summer. It has been amazing. We met so many wonderful people. It’s great to meet our fans to show them how grateful we are for their help.

Does your family life influences your art and awakes your creativity or this disturbs the song-creation process? How often do you change your artistic plans and schedule because of that?
LK: Being a mother has changed my life in many ways. I became a much luckier person. My son gives me a much deeper meaning in life and when he smiles and is happy I’m the happiest person in the world! I make a very good plan so it really works out fine combining music and family.

Liv Kristine

Do you think you express yourself in full? The best you can? Do you have free time for any other activity?
LK: I always try to develop as a singer and musician; however, I base my knowledge on my own experience. I never studied music – but I’ve been singing all my life, even before I could talk. I also try to develop as a person, always try to become a better person, stay in inner balance with myself and my surroundings and get rid of negative energy. Apart from this, I practice yoga, meditation; I love running, swimming and skiing. Moreover, I love to go on adventurous, exploring trips into Nature with my son. We live on the country side and I feel deeply connected with the energy of Nature and the Cosmos. This strength has helped me a lot of times to continue when times have been hard or very busy.

Your latest album is called “Enter my religion”. What are your main commandments?
LK: Welcome to the world of Liv Kristine! I hope that you can listen to my music and escape for some time from your busy daily lives.

What would you like to wish to those who’s eager to become musicians?
LK: Always stay true to yourself, be honest and use your own ideas.

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