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K.K. Downing – KKD


Rob Halford

SR: The long – awaited album ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION has been finally released. There have been many discussions and quarrels in the press about your CD. How do you rate and judge the album yourself?

GT: There had been so much anticipation for the new album that we decided the way to go about writing it was to sit down and enjoy writing it naturally and that’s what we did. I think it’s one of the best Priest albums and the music is timeless!

KKD: Personally, I believe our new album is a strong contribution to metal.

RH: We believe that ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION is the best metal we have made and the worldwide reaction has been very strong including TOP 10 chart position around the planet.

SR: Fans are getting a little bit nervous whether your new album is the last one for you as the band or not?

GT: We consider the new album a new start not an ending!

RH: This will be the first of many new Priest CD’s for the future.

SR: This question is dedicated to Rob Halford – How was it like being in the Buckingham palace for you?

RH: It was a thrill to attend the party at Buckingham Palace. I met The Queen and we talked about heavy metal, but She thinks its to loud!

SR: What is in the plans for Judas Priest right after the finale of concert tour in Japan?

GT: We go to the US and begin the first left of touring there.

RH: After the Japanese tour we begin the USA tour and are making plans for more shows around the world this year and maybe into 2006.

Glenn Tipton

SR: Do you still believe in heavy metal? Is this still your faith in music or something’s changed since good old days?

GT: We are proud to play Judas Priest music and heavy metal forever!

RH: We all believe in Heavy Metal. Infact the longer we are around the more it means to all of us.

SR: Don’t you want to tour Russia one day?

GT: We would love to come to Russia and hope to be there this year if possible.

KKD: Yes we have many dedicated fans in Russia and we would be very happy to go there soon.

RH: Russia is a very important metal country and we are doing all we can right now to try and play shows there.

SR: Do you use any electronic instruments while making music for your releases?

RH: Our minds are open in the studio, but guitars, bass, drums and vocals are all we ever really focus on.

SR: 30 years ago you have completely shocked the public. Is there any thing out there that can shock public of today with the same bombastic effect?

KKD: Maybe not at present but hopefully in the future

RH: Priest has always been breaking new ground in metal, but we newer intend to shock for media effects as we let the music talk for us.

SR: What Judas Priest is lacking of, running of nowadays?

GT: Judas Priest lacks nothing now – we have more energy and enthusiasm than ever

KKD: I don’t believe we lack anything – I think we are even stronger now.

RH: As far as we are concerned lack nothing.

K.K. Downing

SR: By your opinion – where in the world is the biggest and most powerful heavy metal music scene?

RH: Metal is a worldwide community, and it dose not matter to us how big or small the place might be.

SR: Being politically correct and playing heavy metal music – is this okay to be mixed together? Can it be combined

GT: I don’t think music and politics go together at all. Music is to enjoy!

RH: Politics is something we leave for the politicians, and all we want is for everyone to have a great time with our metal and escape the shit in the world made by politics.

SR: Among new age heavy metal bands are there any favorites of yours?

RH: All of us have favorites in the new metal world as long as the metal is good and strong and has class and quality then its all good.

SR: What would you like to wish to those who’s eager to become musicians?

GT: Work hard and enjoy your music and work towards being original and recognizing your own special talents.

KKD: I wish all eager musicians much luck.

RH: We encourage all musicians in and out of metal as it’s a great life to be in music, but you must work hard and show something fresh to get ahead.

April 2005.


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