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SR: Why you, the artist who has a classical education, are interested in traditional music?
Govinda: I have a passion for connecting to my roots. My ancestors are Middle Eastern, Spanish and Irish. Music from all over the world taps into my blood flow.

SR: As much as we know, your interests in traditional music are various, but have something in common. Is there anything common between flamenco, celts’ music and gipsy music?
Govinda: I think it is the music that speaks to me the most. I can feel the expression of pain and joy so intimately.

SR: What is the most inspirational thing in asian and near-eastern musical cultures?
Govinda: The mysterious chords and scales. It transports me and teases my travel bug.

SR: What are you working on nowadays? And what do you do?
Govinda: A new Govinda CD to come out this Spring. The new CD will feature artist like Natacha Atlas, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Toires and more. Also music for many new media projects like games, web and TV.

SR: Whose works were the most impressive for the last few years?
Govinda: I love the new Niyaz CD. I also like Postal Service and MIA. But also into Bhangra because it moves my body involuntarily.

SR: You’ve been working with many eastern artists. Are there (on the western music scene) too many of them or not comparing to 90’s?
Govinda: There is more influence of music from around the world in Western Music now than in the 90’s. I love it because it shows diversity and breaks down cultural barriers.

SR: Could you please tell us more about your first international release “o earthy gods”?
Govinda: That music was created as the soundtrack to my daughter’s birth. Candlelight and music from my soul would greet Bella as she opened her eyes for the first time.

SR: Tell us about the CD for the “Evilution” play staged for the Halloween in your hometown. There’re only 30 original copies of the album, why?
Govinda: It was a local performance art piece. One hour of music was created to be played only once, that night. I only made 200 CDs to sell to keep it rare and mysterious. Only about 30 signed copies remain. They can be found at

SR: Why most of your albums are being released as limited editions?
Govinda: Only the past CDs are limited because the record company went under. All of the new releases are unlimited and everywhere.

SR: Some people say that the time of eclecticism is over and now’s the time for authentics. Do you agree?
Govinda: What about authentic eclecticism? I believe everything was inspired from something.

SR: Have you ever met a movie actor Govinda?
Govinda: No, but I have seen him in films and occasionally get mistaken for him on the internet.

SR: Tell us more details about the live band Govinda?
Govinda: I recreate the music live by mixing and triggering while playing violin. The show is very visual. I have 2 dancers wearing costumes ranging from middle eastern cabaret to white feathered bird woman.

SR: What were the consequences after your performances at Sonar and MTV?
Govinda: That wasn’t me. Never played Sonar.

SR: What are the impressions because from relations with Deep forest?
Govinda: Don’t know Deep Forest personally.

SR: Doesn’t the theatrical stage attract you anymore? Do you like the anti-heroes in art?
Govinda: Of Course, I look forward to more theatrics in the near future.

SR: Your own description of your music style as ambient-world groove still exists and fits the situation?
Govinda: Yes. I like that description. I don’t think it offends anyone.

SR: What would you like to wish to those who’s eager to become musicians?
Govinda: Being a musician is such a rewarding experience but don’t quit your day job.

Spasiba, Loads of love from the States to you.

shane o madden

February 2006

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