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Kolsch (Across the border).

Across the border

SR: In 2002 you have officially announced the end of the project. Why there were some kind of live music activity later?
Across the border: We became friends with the Irish folk-punk band called “big bag of sticks” over the last years. And they asked us to play some gigs together with them in 2005. So we decided to do that, because it was always very funny to tour with our Irish friends. The other reason was that we spilt off in 2002 still as good friends and there was no reason against some re-union gigs. And it worked very well.

SR: How important is the release of concert CD which was recorded 3 years ago?
Across the border:To be honest: it’s unimportant. It’s just a present to our fans who attended those legendary “good-bye” concerts.

SR: Does it pay off to release your music material in Germany using self-budget?
Across the border: Not really. We didn’t get rich. We couldn’t even live from our record-sells. But we didn’t find a big record company to release our music.

SR: What is punk-music of today?
Across the border: I think there isn’t any up to date punk-music. All the good bands are existing since the 80’s. Social Distortion, Green Day, NOFX, Bad Religion etc. I’m still waiting for the new generation of punk-rock. Maybe “The Living End” from Australia or the “Backyard Babies” from Sweden… But I think these are Rock’n’Roll Bands.

Across the border
SR: Are there any reasons for protest nowadays?
Across the border: Of course. There are still nazi activities going on in Germany and in other countries. And there is still bad and unmotivated music at German Radio-Stations.

SR: Is it possible to make the world better with the help of music?
Across the border: I think you can make people to think about certain problems, when you’re writing lyrics about these things. You can try make their thoughts better, and you can give them hope and the force to change things.

SR: What is the main reason of ATB’s split?
Across the border: Our drummer “Fezzo” moved to Sambia and our Lead-Singer moved to a City in South Germany. And after 11 years and 300 of health harming concerts we decided to take a brake. But I think Across the Border still would be existing if enough money would come around. So we have to concentrate on our jobs. And both, job and Across the Border isn’t possible.

Across the border
SR: Tell us about your new projects, is there any promo activity?
Across the border: Our Singer Jochen founded a new Band called “Ahead to the Sea”. The just released their first CD and were playing gigs in Germany.

SR: Do contemporary music trends and tendencies reflect on your music? Do you use modern technologies?
Across the border: We don’t care about music trends. We mixed in Across The Border all the styles we like. We wouldn’t do anything to get airplay or to find any new fans. We do our thing. That’s it. I’m not interested in technologies. We have our technicians to do that. We just told them, how it should sound.

SR: What do you do in your every day life besides music?
Across the border: I’m working at an office. We produce printed circuit boards and electronical stuff. That has nothing to do with Rock’n’Roll, but the money is better.

Across the border
SR: What do you think about using lip-syncing in “live” performances?
Across the border: I think we are talking about music, didn’t we? Your question is about marionettes. So I go to the next question.

SR: Can you recommend us any German folk-punk artists to take a listen?
Across the border: There is only one real Folk-Punk-Band in Germany and this is Across the Border. All the other Bands are Folk-Rock-Bands, or Middle-Age-Rock-Bands. Just listen to Across the Border and to the Pogues. That’s enough. They said everything.

SR: Which foreign musicians do you keep in touch with?
Across the border: Big Bag of Sticks from Ireland, Oyster Band from England, Popropperly from Australia, Blyth Power from England, Whiskey Priests from England, Skyclad from England.

SR: What would you like to wish to those who’s eager to become musicians?
Across the border: Do your thing, running against the wind! Don’t try to earn money, just be honest to yourself and the audience. Good music happens independent from the money you can earn with that. Explode when you hit the stage!!! KEEP MUSIC ALIVE!!!

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