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The band was founded in June 1975. Members then were Harry “JUSY” Joos, Roland “Urmel” Frick and Hansjorg Fichter.
The first concert took place on August 9th in the Pater-Huber Hall in Schiltach. The Wild Boys played songs of Black Sabbath, BTO and other Heavy groups, which were popular in the 70s.
The highlight of this concert however, was the fact that some Bimbo lit up the stage using spirits. High enthusiasm in the audience, absolute horror with the people responsible: the band finished the concert, even though the equipment had badly suffered.
The band was re-named to JET at the end of the 70s, and there were also several concerts under the name Caligula Minus. The band seperated in the beginning of the 80s. The remaining members founded the band Insane brain, which was very successful as a starter-band of some well-known acts (Klaus Lage, Schroeder Roadshow, Steinwolke).
The Wild Boys in the Millenium
In February 2001 the “old” members Harry Joos and Hansjorg Fichter met at an awful party-tent do, and after a few beers quickly came to the conclusion to re-create the band. A new bass player wassoon fixed with Bernd Fichter, and the “boys” began to practise soon after that.
Since then the Wild Boys have been a fine team, with a program of about 3 hours and know how to excite the old fans and also younger listeners.
Thereby great attention is paid to live-playing. Playbacks or other deceit is tabu. The three musicians don’t need to do that anyway, they are all three of them able to remove aanybody’s doubts in their ability to use their instruments. The three musicians played together with well-known interpreters, and are therefore able to look back on substantial experience.




  • Wildboys -   "High time"
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