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The Total Reboot


The Total Reboot project is guided by BreakPhreak and features live jazz performers and collaborators from various online community members.
BreakPhreak (a.k.a. Sasha) now lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Sasha was born in Moldova, former USSR and immigrated to Israel in 1992. Being a multidisciplinary person, he has recieved education in both exact sciences: M.Sc. in Computer Science, B.Sc. in Physics, and musical education: 3 years of study at the Rimon School of Jazz (as a jazz vocalist and guitarist). Later, to broaden his musical education Sasha took private lessons in composition, sound synthesis and sound engineering. The first electronic experiments were composed in the mid 90s, and even then it involved scratchy grooves and jazzy tunes. Currently, BreakPhreak appears under the name Total Reboot.

The project aim is the fusion of cutting-edge sound processing and sound synthesis techniques with live jazzy/avant-garde improvisations. Just like zooming in on details of sea-shore map, fractal tracks reveal spick-and-span micro-tweaks each time they are played.

The Total Reboot

The Total Reboot

The Total Reboot



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