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Symphony in DeMeanor


Symphony in DeMeanor was formed in 2002, when Rob Vermeulen and Tom Carter finally decided to begin recording material they had written together. Rob and Tom have known each other since high school, and were in a previous band together. During the recording of the first track, Lonely Fool, they asked Mike Michalkow, a drummer who was in the studio for another project, if he would record the drums for this song. Mike agreed to play on the song, and asked to be a part of the band. Bruce Carrick was approached to put on guitar tracks, and Bruce also asked to be a part of the band. Once recorded, Lonely Fool was released on the Internet and received some great reviews. Rob, Tom, Bruce and Mike returned to the studio and recorded 5 more tracks, including a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. These 6 tracks were released on a CD, entitled “The First One”, in late 2004. In January, after 15,000 ballots were cast, Symphony in DeMeanor’s CD was awarded 2005 “BEST ALBUM” by the International On-Line Music Awards!

Symphony in DeMeanor

Symphony in DeMeanor

Symphony in DeMeanor


  • Symphony in DeMeanor - Symphony in DeMeanor CD 2004  Symphony in DeMeanor CD 2004
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