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God wouldn’t have him and Satan’s den was full, so he proffered his soul to rock n’ roll. From the basements of Ohio to the hills of Hollywood, singer/songwriter Patrick Cornell has arrived, spitting songs of booze and love. Loitering in LA’s lowest of lows while searching for the highest of highs, after eight years as a musical mercenary (bassist for hire), Cornell has patented his own hybrid concoction of grit-rock that’s part Afghan Whigs, part Oasis, and all cocksure swagger and soul.

Cutting his teeth slumming at dives like Canal St. Tavern in Dayton, OH, Cornell moved to LA and wound up touring the world playing with the likes of Robbie Robertson, Merle Haggard, and working/credited as assistant engineer on the last Blues Brothers record, Belushi/Aykroyd — Have Love Will Travel. Along the road, Cornell conjured some thoughts of his own; performing all vocals and instruments on his recordings.

Cornell’s first EP, from hookers to Jesus, was included in the 2006 Wycleff Jean MTV Video Music Awards After Party gift bags and he was encouraged by the response to write more. His second and latest EP, This Much Is True, is just that — true stories of liquor and lovers, addiction and dreams, all of which have come to fruition. Cornell gushes a rock n’ roll sound that is instantly accessible and is as well suited for primetime as it is a soundtrack for a stiff cocktail.

This Much Is True is available on iTunes and its first track, Dies Irae, was recently licensed to Direct TV’s new channel, The 101, for use in its commercials. To borrow the phrase, this much is true — though this may be the first time you’ve heard of Patrick Cornell, it certainly won’t be the last. Look for him in a shadow near you.

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Patrick Cornell



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