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Laurie Ann Fessler


Laurie Ann Fessler is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter born in Queens, New York. Laurie was exposed to a musical environment at a very early age, listening to such acclaimed artist such as Janis Joplin, Queen and Humble Pie, among many others.
Laurie’s musical influences are Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Stevie Nicks, Melissa Etheridge, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, U2, Black Crowes, STP, Bonnie Raitt and Heart, among many others.
This multi-talented and beautiful young lady is not only a great singer, but also an avid performer writer and composer. Laurie has co-written and has written most of her songs and has created her own unique style by incorporating many different genres of music , such as Rock, Pop, Country and Dance beats. She is very versatile and in each song you can find a particular way of singing in an impeccable tune and dynamic in the variations. She adapts easily to different genres of music with her sensual and provocative voice.
Laurie transports her fighting spirit into all her writing and songs. Allied to incomparable looks, she has a great personality the enables her to work easily with others artists and different genres which allows her to give wonderful performances.
Miss Fessler is not new to the world of entertainment, she has accumulated a long list of impressive collaborations: Laurie collaborated with Roy Maxwell (drummer for Taylor Dayne) so well as a featured professional singer on the remembrance album for Andy Warhol.
Recently, Laurie has made several tracks and continues to work with Music Producer Peter Kuperschmid (Christina Aguilera, Joan Jett 3 rd Bass). She sang on the Fuman Freak and Family project, which is a funk –rock band composed by The famous Bassist, Schuyler Deale (Michael Bolton, Heart, Billy Joel).
Schuyler Deale was introduced to Laurie’s friend singer/songwriter musician Caleb White. Together they started a Pop -Rock and Country Project called Soulogicamp. This project gave Laurie the stepping-stone she needed to further succeed in her music career.
The song “I Confess” on the “Buddha Bar Presents Living Theater” CD Metamorphisis Vol.3 was sung by Laurie, it was composed by producer Joseph Baldassare.
She has been cast for the upcoming movie “The Scorpio Effect” by published author John Keehn.
She has been requested by a slew of DJs and program directors worldwide. She is also a part of many online radio stations playlists.
Laurie has been recently interviewed by radio personality Bam Bam and station producer Frizzle from the morning show crew at Kiss 100 in the UK.
She has completed an albums worth of music and has a demo available. Laurie Ann is currently searching for a major distribution or record deal.

Laurie Ann Fessler

Laurie Ann Fessler

Laurie Ann Fessler

Laurie Ann Fessler

Laurie Ann Fessler album



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