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Keven Brennan


“I use the unexpected as seeds for discovery. In my songs I’m searching for
unique perspectives and fresh metaphors to veer the listener off the path of
convention into the jungle of surprises.

In my spare time I’m a painter, and the birth of many of my songs begin in a
Netherworld where they are as much visual as they are verbal and musical.
So, for example, ‘Pipple People’ to me is like a Miro painting where oddball
‘this-es and thats’ vie for attention and bumble into each other. ‘Sarah’ on
the other hand, began as a meditation on Chagall.” – Keven Brennan

Killer musicianship, tight grooves, story songs to tongue-in-cheek
avant-funk oddities. Keven Brennan’s music has been described as “a bubbling
stew of psychedelic funk,” with eclectic influences ranging from the funk of
the Meters and Parliament/Funkadelic, to the offbeat humor of Captain
Beefheart and Frank Zappa, to the imagery and poeticism of Tom Waits and
David Byrne. Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves described Keven as “a rhymer whose
tunes run hot like Cajun gumbo, then cool like a drunk in a coffee house.”
Just as eclectic and encompassing are his talents as singer-songwriter and
multi-instrumentalist, including saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet,
guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion.

Board the funky spaceship and ride past the shuffling shoes and slack-jawed
gawkers… destination Keven Brennan.

Keven Brennan

Keven Brennan


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