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Dog men poets


The sound: Like the ‘A’ Team kidnapped George Clinton on their way to Mexico.

Dog Men poets are based out of Texas, but the group is being discovered by the mainstream media and were recently featured on several US TV shows. “Birth of the Cool” is their debut album produced by Dog Men Poets and two time Grammy nominated producer Mack Damon of Rhapsody Studios.

The Dog Men Poets are made up of: Brouillet, a renowned Slam Poet, Matt Barker, hailing from Scotland, Des, a beat boxing percussive machine from D.C., Smiley, one of the few guitarists to have played with both Stevie-Ray Vaughan and Snoop Dog, and Ras Christopher, formerly of the international reggae band Buffalo Solder.

Dog men poets

Underground Discs
“The Blue Disc” 2003
“The Black Disc” 2004
“The Illegal Cuts” 2005

Studio Release
“Birth of the Cool” 2005



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