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The band Ambercrash was founded in 1996. During the eight-year span of existence the band recorded three full-length studio CDs and one Maxi CD. A local TV station featured Ambercrash several times and produced a music video in cooperation with the band.

The origins of Ambercrash are dating back to the year 1996, when Gerry (guitar) and Chris (drums) together with Chris S (bass) founded a band called Gallery. Their main intention was to play Hard Rock and Heavy Metal thought the signing of Mario (lead guitar, vocals) changed the overall music style dramatically. His passion for odd meter grooves and melodic hock lines added a distinct progressive touch to the whole sound concept.

The first rehearsal sessions ended with the recording (fall 1997) of the Maxi CD entitled Introspection containing 5 Songs. The CD was promoted during several live events all over the Tyrolean area (1998). Later that year Rainer replaced Christian S. on bass being the first and up to now last line-up change.

During the following three years (1999 – 2001) the band was constantly developing, recording and producing new songs trying to create their own style of music adding heavier sound elements, polyphonic instrumental parts and a deep rough voice. 1999 Gallery released the CD “Open the Scene” containing 13 tunes. A local TV station featured the song “Deep in me” producing a music video. 2001 the band released the third studio CD “Faces” containing 14 songs and changing the bandsґ name to Art Gallery avoiding probable legal disputes with the German based rock band “Gallery” already featured on MTV. Both CDs were promoted during live events in the Austrian area as well as Switzerland and Germany.

With the release of “Faces” Art-Gallery established a coaching relationship with a Munich based producer and owner of the Dorian Grey recording studios. The cooperation ended with the recording of “Things” improving the sound quite dramatically. Due to their “new modern style” the band was forced to change their name for the second time to Ambercrash. “Things” was released in fall 2003 and was featured on local TV stations.
Actually Ambercrash are working in the studio. The new production is going to be released in fall of 2005.

Two songs out of this brand new album called ‘New Sensation’ are already pre released as singles and can now be streamed and downloaded on .

For these two songs named ‘Count on me’ and ‘Hold you again’ Ambercrash has been awarded by with their Gold Artist Award.

Ambercrash are currently also featured by Chromium Records UK for a special compilation project called ‘Unsigned Stars’. This compilation is going to be released and available for purchase in January 2005 at .

For 2005 Ambercrash are planning to absolve a promotional tour across Europe. More news to come soon. Stay tuned!





  • Ambercrash - Things 2003  Things 2003
  • Ambercrash - Introspection 1996  Introspection 1996
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