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Article about Special Radio

This is a radio that basically plays music that has not been commercialised or has become obsolete. Here one will find new and old and extremely old things. Here you can listen to music in all its glory and splendour without the issues of how much royalties and money it brings to its legal owners. Here there is music, not finance!

This is a radio that does not restrict itself to either style or genre of music. Limiting music by style and genre is very conventional. Try to define most music. I think you will end up pulling your hair out. Nobody can define the origin of music; music is characteristically unclear and mysterious. We are not concerned with finding out the origin and destiny of it. Music comes with many different moods and for each mood there is a listener.

This radio is not an alternative to existing musical mass media – rather, we are in another dimension and to compare Special Radio with these monsters would be frivolous. It is much better and different to normal radio!

This radio is not just for a select few – we simply try to a certain extent to fill a huge void that exists nowadays. If this void is to be filled completely, then Special Radio should be much more. We are original!

This is Internet-radio itself, not an airwave radio station with alternative Internet output. It would be more appropriate to call us a special broadcasting stream on the Internet for special people. Radio airwaves are not feasible in this project and will not be possible for a long time.

This radio is forever. It always exists; just in different forms. Even if this radio fizzles out tomorrow, a hundred new ones will appear in its place and radio broadcasting stations are not needed. It is the content that is important rather than the form.

And, finally, Special Radio is an attitude. No, don’t be like everyone else, be yourself about everything. Special radio is needed when it is necessary for someone to say something, and it is necessary for another one to hear it. Express yourself, not emphatically, but musically, poetically… we’re just a go-between, a link.

Become spiritually powerful!